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Operation Description

Micro TESE therapy is one of the supplemental treatment options available to couples who desire to have a family. The cause of infertility might be a woman, a man, or both women and men when applying for IVF therapy. azoospermia is one of the most prevalent causes of male-induced infertility. Obstructive and non-obstructive azoospermia are the two forms of azoospermia.

The testicles generate sperm in obstructive azoospermia, but the sperm cannot join with the fluids that make up the semen, or they cannot be ejected out of the body after they have combined. Sperm production does not occur in the testicles in azoospermia that is not caused by blockage.

Micro Tese surgery emerges as the most sophisticated sperm search and collecting procedure in this scenario. Sperm cells are removed straight from the tissue in the testicles using a microscopic surgery when ejaculation is not possible. Micro TESE is the name of this procedure.

For Whom Is Micro TESE Treatment Appropriate?

All azoospermic patients may benefit from micro TESE. The AZF region of the male Y chromosome regulates sperm production. Sperm generation is impossible without one or more of the A, B, or C subregions in this region.

As a result, micro TESE is not used on patients. Micro TESE may, however, be used to extract sperm cells from individuals who do not have defects in the AZF area.

What Is Micro TESE Treatment and How Is It Performed?

Under general anesthesia, sperm is collected. During the operation, the channels where the sperm cells are positioned are checked. Microscopes that magnify sperm pathways up to 25 times are used to look for sperm cells. Because all channels are evaluated throughout the process, it might take up to 2.5 hours.

Interested in Micro TESE Treatment?

Any patient with azoospermia may benefit from this therapy. The AZF region on the Y chromosome regulates sperm production, and it contains the A, B, and C subregions. If just AZF A, AZF B, or all three areas are lacking, micro TESE is not possible. Because sperm production is impossible in this situation.

What Should People Who Are Having Micro TESE Surgery Keep in Mind?

During the procedure, sperm cells are directly sought in the testis. As a result, patients may need to fast before to the treatment. General anesthesia should be used for the procedure. As a result, patients should refrain from eating or drinking anything from the evening before surgery. People who use blood thinners or have chronic ailments like diabetes or hypertension should be sure to discuss these conditions throughout the surgical preparation process.

Is it possible to use the Micro TESE treatment more than once?

It's not a problem if you use the method more than once. The chance of discovering sperm cells in repeat treatments done on persons with sperm cells ranges between 85 and 90% in the first application. Patients who did not discover healthy sperm cells in the first micro-TESE surgery, on the other hand, had a 20-30% chance of finding sperm cells in the second operation.

Is a Second Micro TESE Surgery Performed in Which Situations?

Some sperm can generally be frozen in the event of good quality and large quantity of sperm cells in the initial operation. However, freezing is not done if there are few or poor-quality sperm. A second micro-TESE procedure should be done in such circumstances. After the first micro TESE treatment, roughly 6 months must elapse before the second may be done.

What are the Potential Consequences of Micro TESE Surgery?

Micro TESE surgery, like any other surgery, has inherent hazards. Infection, bleeding, and discomfort at the surgery site are the most common dangers. A reduction in testosterone level may occur in certain people owing to tissue injury, albeit this is very unusual. The testosterone level, on the other hand, returns to normal after 8 weeks of the procedure.

What is the Micro TESE Surgery Success Rate?

The surgery's success rate varies from patient to patient. Patients' sperm quality and count have a direct impact on the surgery's success rate.

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